Liverpool Wake park
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This is our very own wake park, which we own and operate ourselves. When we sell wake park equipment and services to potential new clients, the fact we own and operate our own site gives us a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise. Liverpool Wake Park is a brilliant example of transforming disused urban docks into vibrant bodies of water again! This park is a sustainable, profitable business with amazing social outcomes.


The entire park is located in the water, eg the towers and anchors are all in the water, there is no intrusion onto the sides of the docks and nothing is fixed or attached to the dock walls. The dock we use is surrounded by houses and flats and we do not have any problems with noise or local residents, etc. Some of the houses are less than 30m from the wake park. The wake park is a perfect example of how we can fit into an urban environment with minimal effect on local residents.


We work closely with Liverpool City Council, Merseyside Sport and many other local stakeholders to develop the park and get local people out on the water. The park is open 12 months of the year and is especially busy at weekends and evenings. The customer base is extremely diverse and includes a wide age demographic from 8 years old to over 60! Weekly users include students, kids, tradesman, young professionals, a good mix of both genders and all sorts of groups, particularly Stag and Hen do parties at weekends

We own this park, so we supplied everything, including:

2x Sesitec System 2.0’s

11 Industry Wake Park Obstacles

70m of floating walkways

2x start docks

Installation and anchors

Staff training

Maintenance, Service work and spare parts

Operate and manage the park

Host a stop on the Grassroots Tour

Run an onsite wakeboard store selling equipment

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