Zero To Hero Feedback
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Zero To Hero Feedback

Zero To Hero Feedback

Sharaine Talbot recently become the first ever person to complete our brand new Zero To Hero operators course! She had a great week with us at our home park – Liverpool Wake Park and we thought we would sit down with her and ask a few questions on what made the course so great!


1. What exactly is the Zero To hero Operators course?

Taking you from no experience operating a system 2 cable to operating and maintaining the the system 2 setup , also taking you through all the stages of a level 1 wakeboard coach, from a dry land lesson to getting a beginner up and riding , right through to obstacle level safety.

2. How long did the course take to complete?

The course was run over 7 days split. The first 5 days were doing daily checks on the systems, setting up and aligning the systems, checking towers and obstacles were safe for the day ahead, time was taken to thoroughly go through driving the cable with the riders safety being the first priority, plenty of riding throughout the week as well learning the different stages whilst others on the course drive the cable.

Two full on days then of putting everything into practice whilst for the practical side of the exam, 2 written exams were then sat, which had
All previously been covered over the 7 days and in the manual. Some modules were filed in as homework but had all been thoroughly covered by the tutor Harley.

3. Do you need to have any previous experience?

Previous experience for me operating a system 2 cable were zero, I only took up wakeboarding 3 months previous to attending the course , so for me going through all the various stages of rising massively improved my own personal riding .

4. Was the course easy?

The course was covered very professionally and executed in a way that even somebody with no previous operating or riding experience could of completed, things were explained repeatedly and clearly until you understood and carried out the tasks confidently.

5. What were the highlights?

The best part about the course is being made to feel like part of team as soon as you arrive, being able to speak to any of the team and ask questions, the atmosphere when your on the dock from the team and their customers was fantastic, if your passionate about wakeboarding and water sports I highly recommend doing the course it really is what it says … zero to hero!

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