Zero 2 Hero
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Zero 2 Hero
We host a Zero to Hero System 2.0 Operator and Instructor Course at Liverpool Wake Park. By the end of the course you will be a fully qualified S2 operator and instructor and be able to legitimately work at any of the S2 wake parks in the UK and Ireland. The qualification will be recognised by any S2 wake park all over the World.

The license is called System 2.0 Operators and Instructors License. This is not just a course and exam which proves you can operate a S2. The biggest advantage of a S2 is that it is one on one, e.g. one operator to one customer. This means the operator plays a massive role in making sure that the customer is happy and coming back. You would never operate a S2 and not talk to the rider, so the license includes training on instructing people from beginner standard to hitting their first jumps.

• There are currently over 50 System 2.0’s in the UK and Ireland.
• There are over 400 setup around the World
• Course Format
The course will be limited to 4 people
Everyone does a 5 day course together
Each trainee then completes a weekend assessment


There is no prerequisite for this course in terms of wakeboard ability or past operator experience. You can be a total beginner wakeboarder if you want (you will have 7 days to get up to standard). You do not need any past experience at operating a System 2.0. You will need to wakeboard during the course, so you will need to be fit and healthy enough to participate in daily wakeboarding sessions. If you don’t have your own wakeboard or wetsuit, don’t worry, we can provide all necessary equipment.


The Course

You will be given a Logged Hours booklet to work through which gives you a structure for the course and is partly completed by yourself and the trainer. You will become competent in the following:
Safe and effective operation of the S2
Daily and monthly checks
Basic maintenance of the S2
How to use a S2 to make sure your beginners keep coming back!
How to instruct people from beginner lesson to hitting their first features
Some advanced instructor training, e.g. learning spins, rail tricks, etc.
Improve your own wakeboarding

To pass the course you will need to:
Complete your logged hours booklet
Get your personal riding to the obstacle standard and start hitting your first obstacles
Pass a written exam
Pass a true/false exam

What’s included?

Accommodation, breakfast and lunch is included in the course. Evening meals are not included, but there are many local restaurants in the area. The hotel is less than a 5 minute walk from the wake park. You can see the wake park while you have breakfast!



The course is £950 per person


At the end of the course and once you are the required standard to pass the exams, you are issued with a certificate from Industry Wake Parks to show you have successfully passed your System 2.0 Operators and Instructors Course.

British Water Ski & Wakeboard License

You can also have your qualification licensed to the BWSW, which you are required to do, in order to work at some parks. In addition to successfully passing the System 2.0 Operators and Instructors Course, you will need to:


– Be a valid member of BWSW
– Pay a £45 BWSW admin fee
– Have a valid first aid certificate (1/2 day course)
– Attend a Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop (can be done online)
– Have a valid DBS check


We don’t include this in the Zero to Hero course, because people attending the course may already have some or all of these additional items and some may have none. Once the course is booked up and we know what everyone’s current position is, we may look to run a first aid course and safeguarding and protecting children course during the first 5 days.

If you want, you can then license the qualification to British Water Ski & Wakeboard (BWSW). You will need to do this to work at an accredited BWSW site. You will need the following to get the BWSW license:

• Successfully pass the Industry Wake Parks, System 2.0 Operators & Instructors Course
• Be a valid member of BWSW
• First Aid Qualification
• DBS Check
• Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop

To book the course and find out about dates please contact:
Get In Touch