S2 Operators Licence
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S2 Operators Licence

If you want to work in the wakeboard industry this is a great place to start and a brilliant qualification to hold. There are over 450 System 2.0’s around the world and over 35 parks in the UK and Ireland. Due to the nature of a rapidly growing wake park market, there is always more demand for valid System 2.0 operators than there is supply, which means this is a great qualification to find work.

To gain your license you must:

The license is called System 2.0 Operators and Instructors License. This is not just a course and exam which proves you can operate a S2. The biggest advantage of a S2 is that it is one on one, e.g. one operator to one customer. This means the operator plays a massive role in making sure that the customer is happy and coming back. You would never operate a S2 and not talk to the rider, so the license includes training on instructing people from beginner standard to hitting their first jumps.

If you want, you can then license the qualification to British Water Ski & Wakeboard (BWSW). You will need to do this to work at an accredited BWSW site. You will need the following to get the BWSW license:


• Successfully pass the Industry Wake Parks, System 2.0 Operators & Instructors Course
• Be a valid member of BWSW
• First Aid Qualification
• DBS Check
• Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop

If you have any questions about becoming a valid operator or want to book an exam, please contact info@industrywake.co.uk


If you can’t find a local wake park to get your logged hours, you can book onto our Zero to Hero course, which is an amazing course which gives you all the logged hours and the exam. Full info here

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