Industry Wake | Pool Gap
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Pool Gap
The pool gap is a huge purpose built structure, which holds 175,000 gallons of water with two pools; a launch pool and landing pool. In between each pool is a large structure that has rails and ramps built on top of it, specifically designed to test the best riders in the world.


The pool gap allows wakeboarding demos and contests to take place miles away from lakes and bodies of water where the sport is normally seen. The team behind, Industry Wake Parks have taken the pool gap into the heart of huge music festivals like Wakestock and Boardmasters, indoors at Earls Court in London and abroad to places like Abu Dhabi and Italy for The Jambo.

A Sesitec System 2.0 cable rig is setup over the pool gap which pulls the riders through the pools and over the rails and ramps. The beauty of the pool gap is that it brings the action extremely close to the spectators as they are within two metres of the pools! The pace of the wakeboarding is incredibly quick and faster than any other form of wakeboard contest.

The pool gap is designed by legendary rail designer Pat Panakos who has been one of the most influential men in wakeboarding for well over a decade. Pat owns the Projects Wake Camp which is renowned for having the sickest rail park in the world, along with the legendary Parks Bonifay he designed and built the Red Bull Wake Lab which is still the most progressive wake contest to ever take place. Pat ran the first ever rail only event, The Carnival, and was a key member of the design and testing team behind System 2.0! The pool gap is designed by Pat and each time we use the structure we create a different rail setup which is unique to that event.


The pool gap can be created in various different sizes depending on the location, budget and logistics involved. The full size is 200’ long by 52’ wide. In certain situations, we have only used one of our pools as the location for the event already had a small body of water. We have 3 pools at our disposal so it is even possible to have a 3 pool setup over a distance of 300’ plus. The pool gap allows us amazing versatility to run a very unique wakeboarding contest in practically any location.


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