Tour Format, Rankings & Prize Money Info
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Tour Format, Rankings & Prize Money Info

Industry Pro Tour Format & Prize Money

At the half way stage of the tour, we just wanted to make sure everyone fully understands the tour format, rules, seeding and prize money. So here we go:

4 Stops in Total on the 2017 Industry Pro Tour
Stop 1: Foxlake Outdoor Festival, 20th & 21st May
Stop 2: Gloucester Tall Ships, 28th & 29th May
Stop 3: Bolesworth International, 16th, 17th & 18th June
Stop 4: International Mersey River Festival, 23rd, 24th & 25th June

Each stop comprises of the following competitions
A stop of the head-2-head format, Industry Pro Tour
Jam Session 1
Jam Session 2
Jam Session 3
Jam Session 4
Industry Award

Industry Pro Tour, Head-2-Head Competition
This is the highlight of each stop and where most of the prize money goes. It is always head-2-head. This means 1 rider vs 1 rider. To make it crowd interactive, we use an X-Factor style judging system. The riders in a heat wear a black or orange vest, the judges have orange or black score cards. After each heat the MC brings the crowds attention to the judges and they raise the coloured score card of the rider they judged won the heat! There are always 3 judges, so we always get a winner and 1 rider progresses to next the round.

Generally we try to always start with 16 riders, which are split into 8 head-to-head heats of 2 people. During each heat the 2 riders play a game or rock, paper, scissors to see who starts first. Each rider then gets 2 attempts to laydown their best run. A run consist of 2 full laps of the course, i.e. up and down and then up and down again. The first riders does his first 2 laps then the second rider goes. Then they go again and try to better their first runs. The judges select the best run from each rider and judge that against the other rider.

In simple terms, a heat goes like this:
2 riders in total
They play rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first
Rider 1 does their first run, which is 2 full laps i.e. up down, up down the course)
Rider 2 does their first run, which is 2 full laps
Rider 1 does their second run, which is 2 full laps
Rider 2 does their second run, which is 2 full laps
The judges select the best run for each rider.
The judges then judge each riders best run against each other
The judges use their score cards to select the winner of the heat
1 rider progresses to the next round
1 rider is out

We start with an opening round of 16 riders in 8 heats of 2
Next up is the quarter-finals, 8 riders in 4 heats of 2
Then it is the semi-finals, 4 riders in 2 heats of 2
Then we do the 3rd / 4th place playoff, which is 1 heat of 2 riders
Next up is the final of 2 riders in 1 heat
Then you get a winner! Hell Yeah!

The opening round of 16 is seeded, so that the top 2 seeds can not meet until the final, the top 4 seeds can not meet until the semi finals and the top 8 seeds can not meet untill the quarter finals, etc.
The seeding is firstly based on the current 2017 tour rankings. After that it is based on a riders past results from events that Industry Wake Parks have run, e.g. 2016 Pro Tour, Red Bull Harbour Reach, Wakestock, Grassroots Tour, etc

Jam Sessions
We try to mix up the Jam Sessions as much as possible. In a Jam Session all the riders get 2 or 3 attempts to land a certain trick or line. Examples of past jam sessions include:
– Best Line
– Best Backside 180
– Best Method
– Best 720 or more
– Best 540 or less
– Best Invert
– Best Air Trick
These are fun and mega crowd interactive. The winner takes all the money in these jams.

Industry Award
At each stop, we have £100 for the Industry Stand Out Rider. This goes to the person who impresses the Industry Wake Parks crew the most. It might be the person who takes the most unique and creative lines, it might be someone who is totally new to the tour and really impresses us or it could be someone landing a new trick for the first time, etc.

Prize Money Break Down at Each Stop

Industry Pro Tour
1st: £600
2nd: £400
3rd: £200
4th: £200
5th: £50 (i.e. losing quarter finalist)
5th: £50
5th: £50
5th: £50
Jam Session 1: £50
Jam Session 2: £50
Jam Session 3: £50
Jam Session 4: £50
Industry Award: £100

Overall Tour Ranking Points

After each stop, the riders gain ranking points depending on what position they finish. At the end of the tour, we can then crown an overall Champion. The points are handed out like this:
1st: 100 points
2nd: 90 points
3rd: 80 points
4th: 75 points
= 5th: 70 points (i.e. riders eliminated from quarter-finals)
= 5th: 70 points
= 5th: 70 points
= 5th: 70 points
= 9th: 50 points (i.e. riders eliminated from opening round of 16)
= 9th: 50 points
= 9th: 50 points
= 9th: 50 points
= 9th: 50 points
= 9th: 50 points
= 9th: 50 points
= 9th: 50 points
=17th onwards: 20 points

View the current rankings by clicking here.