Industry Pro Tour 2017 | The Alfie Constable Interview!
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The Alfie Constable Interview!

Congratulations to Alfie Constable! Alfie was the rider that rose to the top of the field on this years Pro Tour. Although he killed it at every stop it wasn’t all plain sailing for him. His consistent riding and hammer moves, like his Moby Dick 5 and his crazy lines helped get him there. He somehow managed to juggle school exams and ride on the Pro Tour – that is no easy feat, but this kid did it, he even had a broken finger for two of the stops! So let’s learn some fun facts about your 2017 Industry Pro Tour champion! – Alfie Constable!

1-  Favourite Stop of the Tour? My favourite stop has to be Liverpool because it’s the first stop of the tour I’ve won and is also where I won overall.

2- Best memory from the tour? It has to be when we told my brother Harry that it was a double flip competition and he was first out. He had barely slept from I think one of his heaviest nights out. He had absolutely no idea what was happening and ruined himself.

3. Favourite feature/jib? I think the pro tour is all about having different features. The coolest obstacle was the beer can. So many people had such sick hits on it, it really made the course different and allowed people to do their own thing.

4.Tell us about what happened with your broken finger? I don’t really know how I broke my finger, only that I fell wakeboarding and then it was broken. It happened about 2 weeks before Bolesworth so I didn’t think I would be able to ride but I went anyway. I couldn’t hold on with my right hand very well but somehow managed to compete.

5. Your School exams clashed with the tour, how were you able to manage juggling revision and wakeboarding? I had quite a few exams the day after the comps so I had to work before the events and then just hope I did okay. I definitely should have done a bit more work as will come apparent on results day.

6. What are your plans as a wakeboarder and what you would like to accomplish in the future? For the future I’m not sure what I want to do. I’ll have to go back to college next year so won’t be able to go away lots but really, I just want to wakeboard around the world and see where that takes me.

7. Who is your stand out rider of the tour? Matt Muncey. At the event’s he rode the course so well and just threw down banging hits all the time. It wasn’t like he did the same tricks at every event but constantly changed it up.

8. On average how often do you ride? I try and ride most days if I can, so probably about 5 days a week and for maybe 20 minutes on each of those days.

We have loved every second of the tour and cannot wait to do it all over again come 2018!