Industry Pro Tour 2017 | Stop 4 – Rider Information
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Stop 4 – Rider Information

Rider Information: Stop 4 of The Industry Pro Tour @ Mersey River Festival

11am: Rider Briefing on start dock
11:30am to 1pm: Qualifying Rounds
3pm to 4:30pm: Opening Round of 16 – Industry Pro Tour

11:30am to 1pm: Jam Sessions
3pm to 4:30pm: Quarter Finals, Semi & Finals – Industry Pro Tour

Sunday Jam Sessions:
Starts 11:30am Sunday
2 hits each
Best Bear Can
Best Flatbar to Handrail Hit
Best Kicker (if enough time)

Qualifing Heats
Starts 11:30am Saturday
Top 3 Advance
All others go to LCQ
1 run each, a run is 2 passes of the course (e.g. up, down, up, down)

Heat 1
Harry Bailey Collins
Brandon Trumble
Harley Somerville
Matt Crowhurst
Matty Branston

Heat 2
David O’Caiomh
Jack Battleday
Brian Kavanagh
Jonty Green
Matty Muncey

Heat 3
Harry Constable
Joe Newton
Nick Davies
Blair Fraser
Alfie Constable

Heat 4
Max Garrett
Ben Frisby
Dan Baerselman
Jack Constable

Last Chance Qualifier
2 heats, top 2 advance
1 run each, a run is 2 passes of the course (e.g. up, down, up, down)

Opening Round of 16
Starts 3pm Saturday
Once we have the final 16 riders, we will use the tour rankings to seed the riders.
Each rider gets 2 runs, we score only the best run. A run is 2 passes of the course (e.g. up, down, up, down)

Seeding for Final Stop of the Industry Pro Tour
1= Jack Constable
1= Alfie Constable
3 Matty Muncey
4= Matty Branston
4= Matt Crowhurst
4= Jonty Green
7 Blair Fraser
8= Dan Baerselman
8= Harley Somerville
8= Brian Kavanagh
11 Nick Davies
12= Ben Frisby
12= Brandon Trumble
14 Jack Battleday
15 Joe Newton
16 Max Garrett
17 Harry Bailey Collins
18 David O’Caiomh
19 Harry Constable