Saturday Results & Sunday Info – Stop 1
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Saturday Results & Sunday Info – Stop 1

Results from Saturday at Stop 1

Opening Round of Head 2 Head Industry Pro Tour
Blair Fraser beat Harley Somerville
Jack Constable beat Jonty Green
Matt Muncey beat Cain Hamilton
Scotty Broome beat Matt Branston
Alfie Contsable beat Declan Clifford
Matt Crowhurst beat Nick Galloway
Feddie Carter beat Brian Kanagh
LCQ: Cain Hamilton beat Declan Clifford

Jam, Best Line: Alfie Constable
Jam Session, Best Less Than 540: Matty Muncey

Information for Sunday

12noon to 2pm Practice Sessions
2pm to 3pm: Liquid Force & O’Brien Board Demos
3pm to 4:30pm: Industry Pro Tour, Head 2 Head Finals
4:30pm to 5pm: Jam Session, Best Invert
5pm to 5:30pm: Jam Session, Best Barrel Bonk
5:30pm to 6pm: Prize Giving

Practice Session Running Order

Group 1 1200-1230
Jack C
Alfie C
Scotty B

Group 2 1230-1300
Brian K

Group 3 1300-1330
Nick G
Matty B

Group 4 1330-1400
Matty C
Matty M

Quarter Final Running Order
Blair Fraser vs Jack Constable
Matt Muncey vs Scotty Broome
Alfie Constable vs Declan Clifford
Freddie Carter vs Cain Hamilton

Jam Sessions
Best Invert
Best Barrel Bonk