Industry Pro Wakeboard Tour 2017 – Event Report: Stop 1 Foxlake
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Industry Pro Wakeboard Tour 2017 – Event Report: Stop 1 Foxlake

It is on! The 2017 and second ever Industry Pro Wakeboard Tour is officially go with one stop under our belt which commenced in fine style at one of the UK’s premier System 2.0 wake park venues. Now in it’s fifth year of operation, Foxlake Adventures has raised the bar considerably when it comes to wake park and general outdoor adventure style activities. So, to have this incredible venue as the kick start to the tour for the second year is just perfect.

Alongside the amazing facilities that Foxlake boasts, they like to throw together one almighty outdoor festival at the start of the season and as is the mantra of the Pro Tour – taking the wakeboarding to the people – the Foxlake Outdoor Festival weekend offers a suitably grand stage in front of thousands on which our riders can perform!

Perform they did. The usual suspects from the 2016 tour were back including our top seeds of Freddie Carter, Matty Muncey, Scotland’s finest, Blair Fraser and the Constable brothers. With the good Pro Tour word having spread far and wide last year we fully expect there to be more newcomers getting in on the action as the season rolls on, exactly as there were at this first weekend. Adding names like Jonty Green, Declan Clifford and Cain Hamilton to the roster as the first stop did, gives a serious bump to the profile of this tour and pushes the level of competition to even greater heights.

How did it play out then? To understand this, you have to have an appreciation for the first of the four bespoke Pro Tour courses that was installed by Indsutry for this stop. The usual fair was in place such as big metal barrels smack bang in the middle of rails, a selection of tractor tyres after an incline rail to gap that are just asking to snag you, the leap of faith off an XL kicker over something that could very easily take a limb off (an upright metal barrel), the huge Industry transfer rail and this time something extra special – The Twins! This is my favourite name for the feature that could also be referred to as Devil’s Alley, The Khyber Pass (Google it) to name a few due to the narrow alleyway sitting between two hip high identical metal handrails with a pretty aggressive booter out the end. It was a first for the tour and anywhere in the UK, was a lot of fun and didn’t claim as many victims as we predicted it would, although the booter did cause a lot of riders to land on their heads.

With all this in an extremely tight packed course leaving no room for sketchy landings and ride aways our riders had to be seriously on their game and demonstrating flawless flow to see any success over the weekend.

Now the easiest way for you to catch all the action proper is to hit up the Industry Facebook page for all video and photographic record of the crazy skills of our riders. Here we just need to list that which must be noted for posteriety and to give those deserving the props the mentions their riding earned!

• Freddie Carter and Matty Muncey – Two top dogs the smoothest flow and most unique, stylish way of riding out there!
• Stupid Ollies – Freddie Carter back lippin’ to backside 270 out the wrong way on the shoulder high twins. Just silly!
• The Constables – Such tech’ers from these two and owning the combo moves on the Twins – front lip-drop down into gap-FS 3 out from Jack off the booter and the biggest toeside back roll you have every seen from Alfie.
• Crazy Irishman – Brian Kavanagh went in hard at his very first tour stop, improving with every session and leaving the biggest dent in the kicker barrel leap with his board but very nearly his head. Also succumbing to serious pier pressure from the dock that nearly resulted in him landing a double half cab!
• Speaking of Doubles – Everyone got in on the act with the best invert Jam Session, including Foxlake’s own Nick Galloway how not only rode the contest for the first time, but came so close to landing his first double in front of the home crowd.
• The Entertainer – Jonty Green should ride at every single big features event across the world to show the world what it is to do things differently! We can’t wait to see how he takes on the rest of the tour courses.
• Clifford and Hamilton – While we haven’t seen much of Dec and Cain on the contest scene over the past year, we were reminded why they have owned wake parks for many a year. Such sick riding from both all weekend!
• What happened to Matty Branston? – This lad was an awesome rider last year but it seems some time riding at CWC with the likes of Victor Salmon has cranked his riding up several gears. Mad skills on everything, claiming best barrel tap in the Jam Session and also taking home the ‘most pumped to be on the water’ award too!


Full Results

Pro Tour
1st: Matty Muncey
2nd: Jack Constable
3rd: Alfie Constable
4th: Freddie Carter

Jam Session, Best Barrel Bonk: Matty Branston

Jam Session, Best Line: Alfie Constable

Jam Session, Best Invert: Alfie Constable

Jam Session, Best 540 or Less: Matty Muncey

Stand Out Rider: Cain Hamilton & Matty Branston

Opening Round of 16 Results
Blair Fraser vs Harley Somerville
Jack Constable vs Jonty Green
Matty Muncey vs Cain Hamilton
Scotty Broome vs Matt Branston
Alfie Contsable vs Declan Clifford
Matt Crowhurst vs Nick Galloway
Freddie Carter vs Brian Kanagh
LCQ: Cain Hamilton vs Declan Clifford

Quarter Final Results
Blair Fraser vs Jack Constable
Matty Muncey vs Scotty Broome
Alfie Constable vs Declan Clifford (replaced injured Matt Crowhurst)
Freddie Carter vs Cain Hamilton

Semi Final Results
Matty Muncey vs Blair Fraser
Freddie Carter vs Alfie Constable

3rd/4th Playoff Results
Blair Fraser vs Alfie Constable

Final Results
Matty Muncey vs Freddie Carter