Gloucester Tall Ships Festival Recap & Full Results
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Gloucester Tall Ships Festival Recap & Full Results

On to the second stop! Right into the heart of Gloucester Docks for the very first time. This event is part of the Gloucester Tall Ships Festival and created an amazing vibrant, rustic setting for this event and our bespoke IWP course fitted in perfectly with the surroundings of this historic dock! Crowds showed up in their 10’s of thousands to witness all the action at The Gloucester Docks Tall Ships Festival.

Some incredible riding throughout the rounds, add some new faces and old to the tour and we had an all time field of riders. Dan Baersdman smashed it along with 19 year old James Masterston who was unlucky in his heat but really stood out to the judges and taking away the Stand Out Rider Award! Johnny Carne also was back from a small hiatus, on talking duties this weekend and also getting back to competition with some lovely hits on the Industry Beer Can Jib feature.

In the end it was the Constable brothers, Freddie Carter and Matty Muncey leading the charge making their way through the heats and into the semis and quarter finals. Some serious hammers got dropped and we saw a toeside double back roll from Muncey, a KGB 5 out of Freddie and a Moby Dick 540 out of Alfie!

The Jam sessions rounded out the weekend with Jack Constable taking down the 720 or more with a SW toeside backside 720 and younger brother Alfie sweeping the best invert with a massive Moby Dick 540!

Stay up to date with all the happenings via our Industry Wake Parks Facebook page!

See you in 3 weeks time when the tour moves to The Bolesworth International on the 17-18th of June where Horse Riding and Wakeboarding will share the stage for the very first time!

Finals Results:

  1. 1st: Matt Muncey
  2. 2nd: Jack Constable
  3. 3rd: Alfie Constable
  4. 4th: Freddie Carter

Stand Out Rider:
James Masterson

Best Beer Bonk:
Freddie Carter

Best 7 or more:
Jack Constable

Best invert:
Alfie Constable

Best Air Trick:
Jonty Green

Freddie Carter
 vs Ben Jones
Cain Hamilton vs Dan Baerdsman
Blair Fraser vs Ben Frisby
Jack Constable vs Johnny Carne
Matty Branston vs James Whiting
Alfie Constable vs James Masterson
Matt Crowhurst vs Jonty Green
Matty Muncey vs Charlie Marshall

Quarter Finals:

Freddie Carter vs Cain Hamilton
Jack Constable vs Blair Fraser
Alfie Constable vs Matt Branston
Matt Muncey vs Matt Crowhurst

Semi Finals:

Jack Constable vs Freddie Carter
Matty Muncey vs Alfie Constable

Matty Muncey
vs Jack Constable