Industry Pro Tour 2017 | The Bolesworth International Recap & Full Results
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The Bolesworth International Recap & Full Results

Wow! just Wow! what an incredible event! Thanks to our tour organiser & dear friend Matt Crowhurst we were invited along to host a stop of the Pro Tour at The Bolesworth International! They have a perfect lake for wakeboarding right in front of their historic castle. We built a bespoke wakepark just for the event & ran have a go sessions all week long.


The weather was firing all weekend, we had Sam De Hann from Holland fly in to join the mix & brits Liam Peacock and Nick Davies making a return to the tour. The riding yet again stepped up a notch and everyone was loving the course. Through the early rounds James Masterson was getting dialed with some sick hits, includeing a bonk backside 540 over the barrells, along with Freddie Carter who made sure everything was locked in a perfect through the whole event.

The Jam sessions got Sunday morning underway with Matty Branston taking down the best beer bonk with a toeside backside 270 rewind 270 out. The improtu Best grass slide get taken out by Sam De Hann with the steeziest grass slide and Jonty with the longest! Best kicker hit was James ‘Midge’ Masterson with a toeside backside 180 Indy to backside 360!

In the end it was the Nick Davies,  James Masterson, Jonty Green, Freddie Carter and Jack & Alfie constable, Liam Peacock and Declan Clifford leading the charge and stepping it up making their way through the heats and into the semis and quarter finals. Some serious hammers got dropped and we saw a toeside double back roll from Liam, some insane rail hits from Fred, including a hand plant back 3 over the barrels, Nicky D was up to his usuaul antics, wowing the crowd and keeping everyones eyes on the water with his playful and bouncy style! Into the Finals and it was Liam Peacock that shined and made his way to the top of the podium with intense precision, consistency, grass slides and a ton of double flips!

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See you next weekend at the Liverpool River Mersey Festival!

Finals Results:

  1. 1st: Liam Peacock
  2. 2nd: Freddie Carter
  3. 3rd: Alfie Constable
  4. 4th:Jack Constable

Stand Out Rider:
Liam Peacock

Best Beer Bonk:
Matty Branston

Best Grasslide:
Sam De Hann

Longest Grasss slide:
Jonty Green

Best Line:
Liam Peackcock / Freddie Carter

Jack Constable vs Harley Sommerville
Declan Clifford vs Louis Floyd
Liam Peacock vs Matty Branston
Nick Davies vs Matt Crowhurst
Alfie Constable
vs Brian Kavangah
Jonty Green vs Brandon trumble
Alfie Constable vs James Masterson
James Masterson vs Sam De Hann
Freddie Carter vs Dan Baerselman

Quarter Finals:

Jack Constable vs Declan Clifford
Liam Peacock vs Nick Davies
Alfie Constable vs Jonty Green
Freddie Carter vs James Masterson

Semi Finals:

Liam Peacock vs Jack Constable
Freddie Carter vs Alfie Constable

Liam Peacock
 vs Freddie Carter