Industry Wake | Captain POS
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Captain POS
Captain POS is the innovative point-of-sale software solution that covers all aspects of your wake park business. This means you can have one software system that can manage everything, including your System 2.0, Full Size Cable, Aqua Park, Café, Restaurant, Pro Shop, Online Shop, Hire Kit, Staff and much more.

All in on Solution

Captain POS allows you to manage your wake park internally and externally with only one software. It includes customer management, sales, rentals and administrative processes. Additionally, thanks to strong interface management Captain POS can seamlessly communicate with the new cable operating system of Sesitec’s Full Size Cables.

Individual Customization

Flexibility is key. The Captain POS software is adaptable to the specific demands of your wake park, from fine-tuning your business processes to exporting your most important sales numbers in individual reports.

High Modularity

The range of function of the Captain POS software can be adapted specifically to your needs. Applications can be activated or disabled as needed. The touch panel hardware is also modular, you can decide how many terminals you’d like to deploy in your park.

Intuitive Operation.

Captain POS’s frontend is optically appealing and intuitive to use. Your clients can register independently without difficulty, and your employees can use the system instantly without extensive training.

Maximal Safety.

All data from Captain POS are saved to a local server and online cloud storage (automatic synchronization). Seamless processes, maximal data safety and access to the backend from anywhere in the world all make the job of a wake park manager much easier.

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