Union Aqua Parks
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Installing a Union Aqua Park onto your dream lake, will transform the water into a successful business and create a serious revenue generator. At the same time as generating plenty of pounds, it will be putting huge smiles on thousands of guests faces! We are passionate about being on the water and we love nothing more than playing around with friends in and around lakes.

Union is brought to you by people with massive backgrounds in the Watersports industry. Pat Panakos is the Global Sales Director and heavily involved in the product design and shape of elements. Pat revolutionised the entire wakeboard industry with the invention of the System 2.0 cable tow and he has been running his own wake parks and aqua parks for several years.

This is key, the Union design team include people who run and operate their own aqua parks. They understand the needs and demands of elements, they know what is safe, what is fun, what works and what won’t! The remaining founders of Union come from a background of setting up and running some of the biggest and most successful watersports brands in the world!

why choose UNION?

We want to make everything to do with the on and off the water experience as easy as possible. This is an unbelievably fun sport and we will make everything to do with the process as easy as possible.


Look good – feel good. Feel good – play good. Play good = a perfect experience. Everything about these features were designed to be in the water and the designs all tell such a unique story of what is possible for your customers.


www.UnionAquaParks.com is the hub for this oxygen induced amusement gateway. We will heavily promote your Union featured park on our website. We offer certain features available with your own customized branding at no additional charge.


We have partnered with the greatest factory and are offering an extensive 2-year limited warranty on all of our products.


We have been installing wake park and aqua parks for years, it is what we do! We can handle every phase of the installation for the customer.

EU Certified

All of our products meet the European standards.

The People

Last but not definitely not least – we couldn’t be more excited about the group of people involved with this company. Truly a labour of love, and everybody involved has such a deep-rooted affection for watersports and what this brand stands for.

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