Pool Gap For Sale
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Pool Gap For Sale

Pool Gap For Sale

We are selling our epic pool gap!
170,000 gallons of wakeboarding awesomeness.
It has travelled the world, partied at numerous festivals and been the highlight of many infamous Wakestocks! This pool gap truly put wakeboarding right into the heart of some fantastic festivals and events and the worlds best riders have all ridden it over the last decade. Designed by the legend himself Pat Panakos, who has been one of the most influential people in the sport over the last 20 years.

The pool gap could be used at a commercial site, a private setup or used for events. The dream would definitely be too have this setup in your garden!

Facts & Figures:
Entire structure is 200’ long (61m) by 52’ wide (16m)
Bottom Pool 100′ long by 52′ wide and 4’9″ deep
Top Pool is raised 6′ above the ground, 68′ long, 30′ wide and 2′ deep.
Rail Section Structure is 32′ by 36′
Total weight of pool gap structure is 30 ton
Total water capacity: 168,802 gallons or 767,388 litres
Steel frame structure
You can use a winch or a System 2.0 to tow riders over the pool gap
The Rail Section is a large flat area, which is on a downward slope, on this area you build the rails and features you want.
Feels like snowboarding / skateboarding rail setup, e.g. high to low feature setups with water at different levels.
Takes 3 to 5 days to build (depending on size and skill of crew and location)
This can be shipped anywhere in the World

The feature section in the middle can be used to build as easy or hard features as you like, hence can be used for a variety of skill levels and would work at a commercial park. For a private back garden setup, this would be the dream!

For more info, please contact tim@industrywake.co.uk
Tel: 0044 (0) 7884 010 804


The Jambo, Itlay

Check out the pool gap being built in Italy for an event a few years ago:

Glass Butter Beach 2016 Pool Gap Finals:

Wakestock Abu Dhabi Pool Gap Finals:

Wakestock 2012, pool gap footage starts about 30 seconds in:

Wakestock 2010:

Wakestock 2012 Pool Gap Finals:

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