Just Wake
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This awesome park is an amazing example of how you can open a very successful wake park at an existing caravan and leisure park. Just Wake uses one of the lakes at Tattershall Country Park, which is a huge caravan and leisure park in Lincolnshire. This place is especially busy during the school holidays and weekends when the caravan park is full.

Just Wake opened in the summer of 2012 and we installed 2x Sesitec System 2.0s and a great selection of wakeboard obstacles. Suzi and Andrew who own Just Wake wanted to start big and make sure they had a wake park that was suitable for all standards of riders, with great pathways from beginner to advanced. They also wanted something unique, which was the UNIT Quarter Pipe. In total, they have 10 obstacles floating on the lake and there is something for every standard of wakeboarder.


To progress their business, they installed one of the first floating Aqua Parks in the UK, in the summer of 2015. Each year they expand their aqua park by adding more elements. The combination of the aqua park and wake park makes a great business. They have both a brilliant tourist attraction and sports facility.


Just Wake helps to keep the caravan parks customers on site for longer and gives an extra attraction to make sure people come back to the caravan park time and time again. This is a brilliant example of successfully installing and operating a wake park within a large caravan and leisure park.



We supplied:

2x Sesitec System 2.0’s

2x UNIT Parktech features

8x Industry Wake Park obstacles

8x Industry Wake Parks obstacles


Annual Inspections & Service Work

Spare Parts Support

Event Support for their ‘Cable Ties’ IWWF 4star event

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