Industry Pro Tour 2017 – Video, Key dates & Info
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Industry Pro Tour 2017 – Video, Key dates & Info

Industry Pro Tour 2017 – Video, Key dates & Info

The Industry Pro Wakeboard Tour is back in 2017 after an incredible first year of the most explosive wake park riding seen on UK shores. In 2016 the Pro Tour’s inaugural year, thousands were witness to the biggest wakeboard tour of it’s kind in the UK. The Foxlake Outdoor Festival in Scotland, Liverpool’s International Mersey River Festival and Glass Butter Beach on the Welsh Llyn Peninsula were the stages on which the UK’s biggest names battled it out on bespoke, purpose built wakeboard courses situated in the heart of the large festivals.

With big money up for grabs at every stop along with the overall title as well as the prestige that comes with being crowned the Industry Pro Tour Champion, the competition was fierce. This year, with four stops making up the series, two new locations, more cash and more riders wanting in on the action, the 2017 series will up the ante yet again in British and European Wakeboarding.

Each festival weekend offers plenty to keep you entertained in and around the unrivalled spectacle that is the Industry Pro Tour. Meet the riders, check out the latest wakeboard equipment, get a chance to ride the course at two of the stops and help make yet more wakeboarding history here in the UK. Set aside the following weekends to come and join in on the action.

Industry Pro Wakeboard Tour 2017 schedule;

Stop 1 – 20th and 21st May, Foxlake Outdoor Festival, Foxlake Adventures, Dunbar, Scotland

Stop 2 – 28th to 29th May, Gloucester Tall Ships Festival – TBC

Stop 3 – 16th to 18th June, Bolesworth International, Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire

Stop 4 – 24th and 25th June, International Mersey River Festival, Salthouse Dock, Liverpool

Visit for all the Pro Tour info, news photos and video and check out the highlights of last year’s tour to give you a taste of what to expect.

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