How to Open an Wake Park
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How to Open a Wake Park
If you want to open your own park we can help you in a massive way. You need to be prepared to do a huge amount of work and even if the road to opening your park, is not smooth, it will be worth it! You need to find water, get permission, find finance, etc. The steps to opening your own wake park are as follows:


Find the lake, dock or body of water you want to open your park on. You may also want to consider land, which you can then dig the lake on. Once you find a location you can email us with the details and we will make you some basic drawings, which show how the system will fit on the lake.

Stage 2: Business Plan

You will need to make a business plan, detailing company goals, your aims, setup costs, profit and loss statements, etc

Stage 3: IWP Site Visit

We will come and do a site visit and give you accurate costs and details on the installation and offer our advice on the project.

Stage 4: Planning Permission

You will need to gain permission to use the land or lake. You may purchase the lake or agree a rental / lease agreement. You will also need to gain planning permission from the local council, we advise you hire a local planning consultant to help you do this.

Stage 5: Finance

You will need money to open your wake park, whilst the base price of a System 2,0 is £22,000, you will need considerably more than this to open your own wake park! If you are starting from scratch on a new site you will need upwards of £80,000 to create a professional, pro and successful wake park.


Once you have permission for the location and the finance in place, you need to call us up and place the order. We can have you installed within 6 to 8 weeks from the first payment!


The installation and training can take from 1 week to 5 weeks depending on location and staff training requirements. We can train your staff, from a level of, having never wakeboarded before, to being fully qualified BWSW operators and instructors. We also offer BWSW Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching courses! The wake parks who have taken extensive training course from Industry Wake Parks are the busy parks! We train you on operation, maintenance, instruction, coaching, customer service and how to run your business.


We can work with you to host an awesome grand opening event. We can provide pro riders to help coach and do demos and provide a full media service if required.


Unlike our competitors we don’t just install you and run away, we want to work with you for the considerable future and help you to build an incredible wake park. We love growing this sport and offer an unrivalled amount of after sales support; including advanced coaching, Grassroots Tour, maintenance, advice and much more!

If you would like any further information about our consultancy services please get in touch.
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