Industry Wake | Info
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Divisions Info





Junior (16 and under)







So each category has a rookie, intermediate and open division. The standard of rider for each division is listed below:


Rookie – Same for all divisions – Mens, Womens, Juniors

This division is aimed for riders who have just started out in the sport
– If you learnt to ride last week then you could enter the Rookies division this week!

Kicker Tricks – Anything up to, but not including 360’s or backside 180’s

Rail Tricks – Anything up to and including 360 along features but not backlip / frontboard or controlled stalled out tricks.  If you can spin 540’s or nail a sweet backlip along a feature then we’ll see you later, you’re in Intermediates!

Air Tricks – Definitely no air tricks, that’s cheating at this level!


Intermediate – Men

Love wakeboarding and get out on the water loads, then this is for you!

Kicker Tricks – For spinning it is anything upto and including 540’s. For inverts, it is any basic inverts, eg an invert, or invert with a frontside 180. Eg tantrums, roll to reverts, scarecrow, etc

Air Tricks – Basic stuff, eg raley, kyrpt, back roll, roll to revert

Rail Tricks – Pretty much anything goes here, but we want to see ollie on to rails, holding presses and everything super legit.


Intermediate – Ladies and Juniors

Love wakeboarding and get out on the water loads, then this is for you!

Kicker Tricks, for spinning it is anything up to and including 360’s. For inverts, you can do 1 basic invert during your run. Once you learn multiple inverts you should be moving up to open.

Air Tricks – not allowed. If your smashing airtricks, you should be in open!

Rail Tricks, Pretty much anything goes and we should start to see riders ollie onto rails and hold presses.


Open – Same for all divisions – Mens, Womens, Juniors


Anything Goes!