Foxlake Adventures
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Foxlake Adventures is Scotland’s first cable wakeboarding park along with the UK’s only ropes course constructed over water. We are located in the heart of East Lothian 25 miles east of Edinburgh, nestled in a beautiful woodland on the edge of the John Muir Way. Whether you want to give wakeboarding a try, tackle our zip lines on FoxFall Rope Course, explore our woodland trails on Off-Road Segways or just chill out on the lake side with a coffee from the award winning Boardside café, Foxlake will have something for you.


Foxlake very much developed over time, in year 1 they opened with a single System 2.0, 4 obstacles and 2 small timber buildings. Each year they expand and add new buildings or attractions. Every year they improve, expand and develop. They now operate with 2x Sesitec System 2.0’s, 9 Industry Wake Park obstacles, an over water ropes course, zip-wire trail in the woods, café and an incredible summer camp program. This place is a brilliant example of growing year on year to create an incredible outdoor adventure park.


Foxlake created the only ropes course over water, which uses the water as a fall arrest system. Imagine Go Ape over water and instead of wearing a harness you wear a wetsuit and crash jacket and go splash when you fall off! It is called Foxfall and as far as we are aware it is the only course of its kind in the world!


The lake they use was a small lake in the middle of a large farm. The farm was looking to diversify and wanted to create some kind of outdoor adventure park. We came in at an early stage and helped with plenty or early planning and development. Once they got the green light we did all the initial staff training for the wake park and have been heavily involved ever since. We worked so closely with them, that our MD, Tim Woodhead actually joined the Foxlake Adventures board of directors.


This site is also a great example that location is not the be all and end all! This site is basically in the middle of nowhere and it had poor access before Foxlake opened. It is located about a 50 minute drive outside of Edinburgh in a small town called Dunbar. Whilst parts of East Lothian are fairly wealthy it definitely doesn’t have a large population. This park proves that how you run your outdoor business is far more important than location. If you offer incredible customer satisfaction, have high standards, great staff training with the right facilities and unique attractions and sports facilities, you can be a big success in any location.

We supplied:

2x Sesitec System 2.0s

Installation and Anchors

9x Industry Wake Parks obstacles

Full staff training for 6 people on Zero 2 Hero course when they first opened

Annual staff operators & instructor’s licenses

Annual service and maintenance work

Spare parts supply

Event support for our Pro Tour at Foxlake Outdoor Festival

Host a stop of Grassroots Tour

Our MD is a director of Foxlake Adventures

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